Shape shift your way through the scrolling maze of 1970's green, avoiding the terrifying obstacles of simplicity to see how long you can survive.


Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to navigate

Press SPACE to change shape

The shapes cycle through in this order...

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Retro, Singleplayer


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Nice idea for a game, it looks pretty cool too! (I did a similar look for my game, but I think yours came out a lot better.)

There's a little room for polish: A next shape HUD would be great (some versions of Tetris have a little picture in the corner that tells you what's next). Also, it would really help the game-feel if there was some more feedback on failure (screen shake, explosion, etc.). Right now, it doesn't feel like I crash, it just feels like I stop.

This is a great idea and you should polish it up a bit to make a great little game.

I love the retro feel! The music is awesome and I love it! Only thing is the music is repetitive and unmutable and I had to mute my web page. Beside that love the old style :)

Nice idea, love the old school computer aesthetic. Nice title :P

Music definitely got a tad repetitive since it's such a short loop.

Would be nice to have the next shape display somewhere as a UI element so you don't have to memorize the order and can focus all your attention on what piece you actually need.

A death sound & effect would help with polish